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Don't Become a Cyber-Crime Victim

Please read this article about a recent trend in fradulent 'phishing' e-mail messages.

Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Cards

In the event that your ATM/Debit Card should become lost or stolen, promptly report it by calling: 1-800-472-3272. At the prompt dial 2.

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Sell Your Ride

This new program allows you to post personal vehicles, including automobiles, motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, and RVs through the Credit Union's AutoSMART website, accessed from our home page. This new service is free of charge for our members. Through Sell Your Ride, you are able to upload and post your vehicle's information, data and pictures on our AutoSMART site "Private Party" vehicles section. Posted vehicles will be seen locally by other members through their Credit Union's AutoSMART site, as well as nationally by 27.5 million members at the more than 930 credit unions currently using the AutoSMART program.

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Our Mission Statement

The Lowell Firefighters Credit Union is a member owned and operated financial institution. Our mission is to educate our members and provide a reliable, secure, friendly financial environment, which features benefits and advantages from our financial services, in order to help members gain some measure of personal financial success.

The LFFCU Holiday Loan Special

This year, the holidays can be brighter and easier than ever before! The Lowell Firefighters Credit Union has a convenient program designed to put some “jingle” in your wallet – just when you need it the most.

Our Holiday Loan package offers a special rate to put a smile on Santa’s face:

Borrow Up To $2,500.00
At a Rate of 5.00% APR*
For a Term Of Up To 12 Months
Rate per Thousand (based on longest term) $85.62

Why run up expensive credit cards or department store accounts when you can get all the cash you need for buying holiday gifts in one easy step? Or, decorate your home or even plan a relaxing weekend getaway!

To take advantage of this Holiday Loan offer, simply come into the office or call us for an application. Or, apply online here. Then relax and enjoy the holiday season!

Holiday Loans will be available from November 1, 2015 until January 31, 2016.

Dreaming About a Vacation?

It's been a long, cold winter, not to mention the record-breaking snowfall! We're sure that there were times when you dreamed about going to a warmer, sunnier climate.

Apply For Our Vacation Loan Today!

Plus, we've extended the Vacation Loan to be available ALL YEAR LONG! Apply any time of the year for your perfect vacation.

Borrow up to $3,500.00

At 5% APR* for 12 Months
Rate at $85.63 per Thousand
- OR -
18 Months at 6% APR*
Rate at $58.25 per Thousand

Apply online, or visit the Credit Union today. Then start packing!


Starting July 30th, there will be a new look and layout to our loan applications. The process, however, will continue to be the same - you can either complete the application securely online, or you can print out an application to complete manually and then mail or deliver to us.

These changes are being made as part of our continuous goal of providing you with the best member service experience we can. Please rest assured that this change has not affected the security of the online application or the strictest levels of privacy we adhere to. If you have any questions, please call us at 978-453-2734.

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